Tailleur Désiré x Histoire d'Orient


Tailleur Désiré x Histoire d'Orient

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Design and build a showcase website for a unique dual-concept tailor and perfume shop in Geneva, Switzerland. Since the business concept revolves around one store offering tailor services and perfume products, the goal was to make accessing both aspects of the business intuitive and frictionless for potential clients.

What we've done

1. Designed a unique two-faced website allowing users to easily switch between the tailor shop and perfume page using a slider on the homepage

2. Highlighted the uniqueness of the business through unique design

3. Made booking appointments smooth and intuitive for potential clients. The goal is to boost the client conversion rate through the appointment booking feature.

4. Built a complex page switcher system which allows ease of access to both the tailor services and the perfume store

5. Optimised the website for mobile use

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